Listen to Doctors, Not Lawyers’ Ads

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By: Christine L Canterbury, MD (FACOG) Corpus Christi Women’s Clinic If you had a cold, and could see two people for advice – a doctor or a lawyer – which person would you want to treat you? You’d want the doctor. One might say that this is a common sense answer. But remarkably, people give […]

Keeping Texas Economically Competitive Starts With Smart Permitting

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All Texans can vividly recall former Governor Rick Perry travelling across the nation to lure businesses to the Lone Star State. Governor Greg Abbott has continued this practice and both leaders rightly hammered home the benefits of Texas’ as a low tax, low regulation state that lets businesses thrive.   Yet, our state is at […]

Keep fighting lawsuit abuse

via San Antonio Express News Texas has been on the front lines in the battle against the abuse of our lawsuit system, ensuring it is used for justice, not greed. Years ago, Texas was known as the “Courthouse of the World” because our lawsuit system invited junk lawsuits, and our system was clogged with abusive […]

Tort reform group urges Texans to support bill seeking to block out-of-state plaintiffs

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via The Southeast Texas Record Dreading a return to when Texas was crowned “courthouse to the world,” a tort reform group is urging Lone Star residents to contact their representatives and ask them to support a bill crafted to thwart lawsuit filings brought by out-of-state plaintiffs. Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse has reached out to residents, seekingsupport […]