Mark Cuban Answers the Call

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Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban was recently summoned to the Dallas County Courthouse for jury duty, and was happy to perform his civic duty. Cuban was selected to sit on a 12-person jury involving a civil lawsuit stemming from a recent car accident. “It was pretty darn obvious, at least I thought, that one party […]

Texas woman sues owner of dog killed by her pit bulls

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Emerald White of Texas City is suing the owner of a beagle her pitbulls attacked and killed for $1 million. White claims she suffered serious injuries trying to stop the attack, and she now suffers from “conscious pain and suffering and now suffers also from fear, anxiety and trepidation.” Stever Baker, the owner of the […]

Caution: Lawsuit Is Extremely Frivolous

A New York woman is suing Dunkin’ Donuts after becoming “seriously” injured by a hot cup of coffee. Jennifer Baron claims the employees at the Grasmere Dunkin’ Donuts did not properly secure the lid on her coffee, and the coffee was “heated beyond reasonably expected limits and not fit for the ordinary purpose for which […]

Mistrial Declared in Reynolds’ Barratry Case

Via Texas Tribune State Rep. Ron Reynolds, D-Missouri City, will be back in a Montgomery County courtroom a week before the 2015 legislative session gets underway. The legislator, who just won his third term in office, is facing a new trial related to allegations of “ambulance chasing.” On Monday, a judge declared a mistrial in […]