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Class Action Settlements Serve Lawyers Over Class Members

In many cases, class-action lawsuits enrich some personal injury lawyers at consumers’ expense.

Class action lawsuits were designed to combine legitimate cases, saving the court time and saving expenses for all involved.  But too often, the system has been used by some personal injury lawyers to pocket mega fees – sometimes millions of dollars – representing clients who might not even know they were involved in a suit until they get check for a few dollars or a coupon toward their next purchase.  

No longer an efficient system for justice, class-action lawsuits have become a vehicle for greed.  While Texas lawmakers have enacted class-action reforms, the need for others to follow our state’s lead is clear.

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Legal Consumer Guide


As a new study shows consumers are paying nearly $500 more for everyday goods and services each year because of lawsuit abuse, Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse (TALA) and Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) organizations are kicking off a summer-long campaign to remind Texans that they play a pivotal role in stopping lawsuit abuse. 

The digital media-based public awareness campaign – “It Starts With You!” – kicks off in June and runs through August.  It includes a legal consumer guide to help individuals know their rights and make smart choices when they hire a lawyer or consider filing a lawsuit.

The effort comes as a new CALA-sponsored economic impact study shows excessive lawsuits and related civil court expenses end up costing U.S. consumers $160.1 billion every year.  That translates into $488 more every American pays each year for goods and services because of lawsuits and over-suing.

“Our ‘It Starts With You’ campaign is designed to remind Texans that they can make important contributions toward stopping lawsuit abuse, which costs us all as consumers,” said Marla Mathews, a spokesperson for Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse in Austin. “While Texas has enacted strong lawsuit reforms, we also know that you can’t legislate personal responsibility. It’s up to all of us to be smart legal consumers, to serve on juries when possible, and to do all that we can ensure our courts are used for justice, not greed.”

Texas lawmakers have made significant progress on lawsuit reforms during the past 25 years. Once the poster child for lawsuit abuse, Texas is now a model for common-sense reforms, which have contributed to the state’s business climate. Mathews said the “It Starts With You” campaign is a reminder of the role all Texans play in curbing lawsuit abuse. 

“We each have a responsibility to stop lawsuit abuse,” said Sergio Contreras, president/CEO of Rio Grande Valley CALA in Weslaco.  “And given that we all pay for abusive lawsuits in many ways, we should all be driven to do what we can to stop questionable lawsuits as quickly as possible.”

D’Anne Buquet, executive director of Bay Area CALA in Corpus Christi, said, “The legal system is designed to provide compensation for real injuries, and the more the system is abused, the less it’s able to help those who need it the most. While conflicts are inevitable in our society, a lawsuit should be the last resort, not the first choice.”

The legal consumer guide provides information to help legal consumers understand their rights, ask the right questions, and warn of some potential pitfalls. 

“In the end, being a smart legal consumer can be the best weapon against lawsuit abuse,” said Amber Pearce, chair of CALA of Central Texas in Austin.  “We hope our summer campaign will show Texans that the choices they make as a legal consumer can make a difference because It All Starts With You.”

Statement from Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse Regarding Governor Abbott’s Approval of Lawsuit Reforms

AUSTIN, TEXAS—The following is a statement from Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse (TALA) regarding Governor Abbott’s approval of lawsuit reforms passed during this year’s regular session of the Texas Legislature. The statement may be attributed to Marla Mathews, TALA spokesperson.

“With Governor Abbott’s signature on House Bill 19 and Senate Bill 6, Texas continues the state’s important work to support reforms that help ensure our civil courts are used for justice, not greed.  

“In the past 25-plus years, Texas lawmakers have made significant progress on reforms aimed at reining in abusive lawsuits and legal practices.  Once the poster child for lawsuit abuse, Texas continues to enact common-sense reforms, contributing to the state’s job-creating powers and business climate.

“By signing these two measures, Governor Abbott continues this important progress.”


HB 19 is aimed at reining in abusive lawsuits plaguing the owners and operators of commercial service and delivery vehicles in the state. The measure includes needed changes to clarify the rules for how these lawsuits are handled and to ensure that juries have the facts they need to reach fair verdicts. This law takes effect on Sept. 1, 2021.  

SB 6, the Pandemic Liability Protection Act, provides civil liability protections for employers, health care providers and non-profits that are following appropriate public health protocols. This measure took effect on June 14, 2021, the day it was signed by the governor.

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