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Woman sues for slipping on peanuts at Texas Roadhouse

A woman in Harlingen, Texas is suing Texas Roadhouse, Inc for over $1 million for leaving peanuts on their floor, allegedly causing her to slip and fall. The lawsuit claims that Texas Roadhouse should have known about the dangerous condition and should have made the area safe. This is yet another example of why Texas must continue to lead the fight in the effort to reign in frivolous lawsuits. To read more about this latest frivolous lawsuit, click here.

Homeowners who ordered pizza delivery get lawsuit instead

A pizza delivery employee who claims he was injured when he stepped in a hole at the home he was delivering to is suing.

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Florida man suing McDonalds over coffee incident in River Edge

A 54-year-old Florida man is seeking damages from McDonald’s Corporation in a lawsuit filed in Hackensack, claiming that he suffered serious burns from a spilled cup of hot coffee while dining at a McDonald’s in River Edge. Francisco Rafael Borbolla said in the lawsuit that restaurant workers gave him a cup of coffee without properly securing the lid when he ordered breakfast at the Main Street eatery in August 2011.

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